The home rental platform Airbnb has created a new report which reveals how the property owner of Austin is using the service.

Some of the complaints of the Airbnb include that Austin vacation rental homes are turning to actual house for the guests and houses being rented out to guests are the houses of absentee landlords. Some complaints include that Austin allows more than 6 persons to stay in a home which the city rules doesn’t allow.

Austin created its rules in 2012 but many neighbors oppose the rules as they feel these rules are ineffective. Some guests feel that Austin serves the best as it saves the money of guests staying in its rentals on Airbnb script

Austin already received 266 complaints about the type of the properties where home owners are not present and seventeen percent of the complaint is about over occupancy. Some cities reject the license of the houses which gets the complaints.

Airbnb disclosed a report stating that 92 percent of the Austin listings have three bedrooms with their guests and eighty seven percent of the land owners have no more than four guests staying with them. The average size of renting a vacation home in Austin is 2.7 people with the age limit of 36.

Airbnb also stated that most of the Austin rentals are listed out by the primary residents and absentee landlords of the property.

Airbnb home owners earns thousands of dollars per year renting their home, where some hosts says that they use the amount to settle down the household expenses and some use it to make end meets.

Airbnb announced its partnership with a travel management company Concur for promoting business travel. The idea behind this is to help business travelers find a room and handle their reports of expenses.

It is evident from a survey that Airbnb 10 percent bookings were from business travelers and it is expected to increase further as more people came to know about the company.

In the first quarter of 2015 there is a rise in the number of business travels. Airbnb is provided with a list of facilities which can be found in a home, which a guest will not normally get in hotel rooms. Most of the guests who choose Airbnb are because of this facility, so that they can cook whatever they like. These little things will remove the pain of being detached from home.

Airbnb provides an affordable room with all the facilities in a beautiful location. Rocketrip conveyed that booking through Airbnb will save some amount of money to the guests when compared to booking through a hotel.

One of the most essential facility for business travelers is wifi, where they use it for doing various presentations or respond to mails all the hours. Airbnb has a problem with its internet connection which will be slow or non-existent even when the renter promised the service.

The same problem may occur in hotels, but there guest can take their phone to contact front desk to complain about the problem but here the host will not consider the complaint as a big issue.

Airbnb, the home rental service that connects travelers with various homes and apartments is considered to be a threat to hotels, as it provides more facilities compared to the hotel industry.

Airbnb has expanded its growth in a very short period of time, as it has a list of amenities similar to home.

The company, which launched seven years ago, has handled more than 35 millions of people with millions of listings across 190 countries.

The idea behind the success of Airbnb is same as in the case of Uber,  HomeAway, Lyft and various other sharing economies.

Airbnb is also getting anxious about the hoteliers as they have some advantages when compared to Airbnb. Airbnb guests cannot interact with  the staffs in the lobby in case of any complaints. Guests have to do everything on their own when using Airbnb service like cleaning their home, to get their document printed, asking for a tea, ordering a food, and asking for a suit before business meeting and much more.

Airbnb is also subjected to sales tax, tourism tax and local taxes. There are only some cities which levy accommodations and hotel taxes on rentals.

The other advantage what Airbnb have is that it provides a Host guarantee program to the hosts. Airbnb provides an affordable room with all the facilities in a beautiful location. Rocketrip conveyed that booking through Airbnb will save some amount of money to the guests when compared to booking through a hotel.

Airbnb, the hotel distribution channel is a tough contender to the traditional hotels across the globe. Many people now prefer Airbnb to any other hotel services because it is a lot more convenient. The company provides a lot of luxurious options like irons, hair dryer to its users who are on business travel. However, there are certain things to keep in mind before you choose Airbnb.

  • Read the user reviews and check the ratings before you choose the host. You do not want to be betrayed at the end. Also, check whether the hotels are accompanied with basic necessities like smoke detectors and elevator facilities.
  • Carefully study the location and neighborhood because you do not want to be stranded at nowhere. Check whether you have groceries and petrol bunks near the hotel.
  • If you are planning to rent an apartment, check whether it follows the housing laws because you do not want to be left homeless if the officials break into your apartment.
  • Do not forget about the cancellation policies, it is the main villain that could spoil your mood. Hence, always make sure your hotel has the right cancellation policies.
  • Refund policy is another important thing to be looked upon for every hotel. You do not want to be left with empty pockets if the service is not up to your expectations.
  • Do not hesitate to contact the cops if you feel your personal properties are threatened. Take a look at these things before you book a hotel from Airbnb.

Airbnb has had a phenomenal growth every year and the company is also planning to extend its service to remote areas that do not have hotel facilities. The company has introduced many features in India and other developing countries to boost its market revenue.

Airbnb has been a life savior for many people across the globe. The company’s renters have played an important role in Airbnb’s massive success. The renters make huge profit and the company gets a decent share of it.

Recession hits every country and it is a surprise if no country has been affected by it. Russia is in the depths of a recession and the Russians are struggling to make money. Nevertheless, the critical status would not last anymore because the Russians are now making money off their empty rooms.

Earlier, Russians usually make money off empty apartments by renting them on Airbnb. But due to severe recession, many people from Russia are now renting empty rooms on Airbnb in order to make sufficient money to run their families. The company’s market revenue in Russia has hiked up in an extensive way, thanks to the share markets. Sorry for the obvious sarcasm, can’t really help it!

Airbnb’s largest renters are Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, London and Paris, Russia is now added to the list as well. As long as there is a severe recession in the country, the company would reap money off immense housing rentals.